In Love With The Beads

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Jewelry is the very heart of ornamentation. From time immemorial it has been used to adorn and beautify humans, animals, things and places. Necklaces and collars made from a variety of materials were used by people of all classes in ancient Egypt.
Collars made from precious stones were often given as gifts by pharaoh to loyalists and so were a source of great pride. Simple necklaces were often made using tiny beads of Turquoise, Silver, Gold, Malachite and Lapis. To create more complex pieces beautiful charms containing powerful amulets such as the EYE OF HORUS were often added to the design.

Today in Nigeria beaded necklaces are worn by both men and women to traditional events and occasions. Beaded jewelry is an integral part of most African cultures. African women usually were beads on cultural attires like Ankara, laces, George wrappers and aso-oke. In occasions such as weddings brides wear beads to look more elegant. Nigerian handmade beads are crafted in many different styles and designs. Some are quite simple with plain strings of beads only while others are made sophisticated through the addition of pendants, gemstones, brooches or crystals.

Personally I adore women in beaded jewelry. With beaded jewelry, the art of looking beautiful becomes more beautiful. A naturally beautiful and smartly dressed African woman becomes sweetly gorgeous by adding a fine set of beaded collar on her neck and beaded bracelets on her wrist. It makes her royal. It brings out the goddess in her. I will always love the beads. Do you love African beads?
(Picture Source: Belkayphine Accessories and Anita Brows Beauty)