Abuja DJ Competition 2016: ‘Fire on The Mixer’

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Are you a DJ?
Calling all up-and-coming DJs in Abuja, to participate in this newly launched DJ competition: “FIRE ON THE MIXER”. So, dust off your turntables and get your record box ready because, this unique opportunity is for you to show off all your tricks and skills.

  • First Prize: Brand new NUMARK All-In-One DJ Controller.
  • Second Prize: Brand New Mixer
  • Third Prize: Brand new Headphone
To add to the list of prizes, the winner gets:
  • A year promotion at www.clickonvenue.com
  • Free trending on trendingmagazineng.com
  • Abuja club and Lounge tour
  • Radio Tour
  • Free recording of Dj signature & Special Effect
  • The winner will become a brand in Abuja also reorganized nationwide
  • Tour all over the state to play in different places
 To join the competition, simply register as a DJ on www.clickonvenue.com or text your Full Name, Stage Name, Phone number, Email id to 08172050091.
The event has two stages, the first stage is the auditioning and the last stage is the Grand finale which will be holding at Green Grass Lounge and Garden, Asokoro. A serene open air lounge, events center and park nestled in the city of Abuja. Simply an excellent venue to network, socialize and just relax.
Fee: VIP N3k, Gold 5k,  Regular N1k
We’re getting the ball rolling with open free fast unlimited WiFi for every guest at the venue for the whole duration of this event. There will be lucky draws and other games with cash prizes up to one million Naira.
We are creating an atmosphere where youths, young executives, entertainers, entrepreneurs, fun seekers, socialites and music lovers may relax, interact with each other, socialize while listening to music in a different way. Our aim is to help  young Abuja DJs interact with their crowd, win the hearts of their listeners and to get Abuja’s best DJs the recognition they deserve every year. FIRE ON THE MIXER’ will also be streamed live on online T.V and Radio
Top rated Abuja celebrities and Abuja celebrity DJs have been billed to serve as panelists to judge the list of talented contending DJs.
Dress chic and prepare to dance, and don’t forget we are also having a red carpet session and interludes with live performances by Abuja artists.
All contestants plays in front of a live crowd on Sunday 28th August, 2016 at Reiz Continental Hotel Abuja, Poolside. All Contestants are to play for 7mins each. The best DJs will be selected based on crowd reaction and the selected DJs will then go for the grand finale. The Date for ground finale will be made public on the day of Auditioning

• • Each DJ will have 7 minutes to show off their skills.
• • DJ can use any software or hardware
• • The first 4 minutes of your set will be a “safety period” where no judge (VVIP guest) can “Fire you out”. (“Fire you out” means, your to stop playing and go home, next contestant comes on stage)
• • Each of the VVIP (judge) will score you from 1-10
• • Crowd reaction adds to the score
• • Top highest scorers will compete in the final round. (The number of DJs needed for the finals will be announced later)
• • If there is a tie, the constants will challenge themselves by playing for 5 mins each. The highest score will be selected.
• • If a contestant misses the auditioning, automatically you’re ruled out of the contest.
• • Time is of the essence. If you come late on the audition day, you may not perform.
Criteria 1 – Stage Performance
Do you own the stage? The VVIP (judges) is looking for a performance from you. Whether its ‘fist pumping’ or dancing in front of the crowd, you need to be moving or you lose marks
Criteria 2 – Programming / Crowd Reaction
Are you getting the crowd charged up? Are you reading the crowd and playing the right songs? If the crowd isn’t feeling you, then the VVIP (judges) certainly won’t! So you will lose marks
Criteria 3 – Technical Ability
How well do you own your craft? Scratching, Mixing, Beat Juggling or drumming. Do you own the remix? If you are just playing the song, expect to lose marks.

The Fire on The Mixer DJ Battle is open to anyone between the ages of 14 & 45 years.