Stop! Don't Drop #Trashion Fashion Show

Press release from the organisers of Trashion Fashion Show:

Stop don't drop is an anti litter campaign group. We aspire to end littering in Nigeria (Tall order you may say, but it is do-able and it all starts with each of us deciding to be change agents). We do these through sensitization and advocacy and projects such as these which you have indicated interest to be a part of and many more.
So as not to bore you with so many details please check us up on

My Team and I are super excited you all signed up to be a part of Trashion Á la Mode 2016  "where trash meets fashion"

A lot of you may be wondering what Trashion is all about, Trashion is a relatively new term in Nigeria but one that is common outside the country. its a concept where fashionable items are made from recycled  materials.

We all know that behind all the glitz and glamour of living in cities like Abuja or Lagos and everywhere else in Nigeria, lies a huge littering culture. In celebration of World Environment Day (WED) which is marked every 5th of June yearly,we are organizing a  two (2) day Trashion Show to draw awareness and positive action against littering.

Day 1 Saturday 4th June is the actual runway and green carpet event

Day 2 Sunday  5th June  outfits would be on display at Sliver bird  for people to view your creative genius.

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