#13Things You Should #NEVER Wear While #Traveling.

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It’s the holiday season again and a lot of people will be traveling for the Christmas break to spend time with family and friend and some will just want to have a silent getaway if ever it is silent with all the fun going on everywhere. Now hold on, just before you pack that bag and head for the Bus Park or airport, or whichever way you chose to travel, here are thirteen things you should never wear while traveling….

1. Sweatpants or jogging pants.

Can we all just come to one general conclusion on this one? Friends don't let friends travel in sweatpants. Time after time, I see people in gray heather sweatpants with their last name or some funny picture or phrase on the bum, and it makes me just want to give them an anonymous note saying, "I'm glad you're comfortable, but you look really funny."

2. A strong fragrance.

Now I love a good scent but traveling is NOT the time to be experimenting with cologne or perfume. Be respectful of the other passengers on board—they might have scent allergies or maybe are not a fan of your new favorite scent/perfume. This rule also applies to bringing food on the plane or bus. Perhaps you think twice before buying super smelly food from the food court/vendor for on board consumption. That would be really nice.

3. Provocative clothing.

Dear Lord did I experience this while traveling. Women wearing low cut shirts or shorts that barely covered their posteriors or even guys with the extra sagging pants (no one wants to see your boxers). If a parent wants to cover their children's eyes or people are uncomfortable around you because of the outfit you're wearing, take note. And if you're unsure of what to wear, just remember simple does it.

4. Complicated shoes.

Always remember this especially if you would be flying. The more complicated a shoe is to take off, the longer the passengers behind you have to wait in security. Also, airports are large places that sometimes require a lot of walking and/or running to gates. Skip the stilettos and reach for a comfortable pair of loafers or fashion-forward sneakers. There are so many elegant options out there right now.

5. Loud and expensive jewelry.

It will set off the metal detectors. It will draw attention to you. If you MUST, just be careful or think about the tress of having to take them off and put them back on at metal detectors.

6. Pajamas.

The only place pajamas are appropriate for is going to bed. In the comfort of your home. That is the ONLY place.

7. Over sized coat.

This is going to take up a lot of room either in your seat or in the overhead storage compartment. Pick a more considerate option.

8. Shorts.

Airports, airplanes and buses are dirty. They are also usually really cold (especially as its cold season). Why subject your legs to that? Put on your pants/trousers!

9. Flip flops/slippers.

They're not sturdy traveling shoes, and like I said above airports are GROSS. If you must wear sandals choose a secure pair.

10. Fanny packs.

I know they come in and out of fashion. But at the end of the day you look like an unfashionable tourist when you wear one.

11. Sport jerseys.

If you need to rep your favorite sports team, wear a hat. When traveling, sports jerseys look cheesy and unpolished.

12. Bare feet.

On the plane, bare feet are GROSS. Put on some socks (and please make sure your shoes are not smelly).

13. Clothing with offensive logos.

Skip it.