The Embassy of Germany and @ThoughtPyramid welcome you to their week of activities in Abuja

Exhibition of Woodcuts by Georg Baselitz

3rd November 2015- 7.00pm

It will be a week of exhibitions, a lecture and a concert. Details below:

German Artsist- Georg Baselitz was awarded a scholarship for the Villa Romana in Florence in 1965, where he made the "Helden" (Hero) paintings. The painting "Die gro├čen Freunde" (Big Friends) is part of this series.
He sought opportunities of destructing the motif in his works. The "Fraktur" (Fracture) paintings led Baselitz to turn the motif by 180 degrees, thus placing it upside down. This method of reversion becomes a characteritic feature and makes Baselitz famous, giving him the opportunity to become independent from form and color without altering the object.

Besides paintings, he also made numerous prints. In the 1960s Georg Baselitz created mainly woodcuts, the 1970s are dominated by large-size linocuts. He began sculpting around 1979/80, making figures and heads of wood that he coarsely works on and paints.
His "Remix" works are made as of 2005; Georg Baselitz repaints some of his works, not as heads but as the same motif in a different time, in front of a different background indicating contemporary tendencies. Georg Baselitz lives and works in Derneburg and in Italy.

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 4th November, Contemporary Art in Germany lecture by 5pm
 5th Nov. 2015,  6.00pm The International Fight against Climate Change & the role of Developing countries