But eh, Abuja gardens and rats sef!

Source: Travel Start
Without a doubt, gardens are among the major hangouts in Abuja. They provide some of the best attractions. Carefully tucked away off the streets and highways, under some bridge or by some water way, they provide that pleasant hideaway where you cozy up to some roasted fish, local music, chips, drinks, basic!

''Did that rat just look up at me, sigh and walk away? Imagine! As if he was just about to call me a small rat!''
Many gardens need to do something about their rats o. If you are eating out in many gardens in Abuja, as soon as it starts getting dark, observe closely, the rats start trooping out. Yesterday at a popular and big garden in Wuse 2, rats were all over the place - crawling anyhow across the fence so-teh one even had the guts to walk past the diners to stop under one table and sample the bits and pieces of food that had dropped from someone's table. That rat was not in a hurry at all. It even gazed at the lady who had dropped the crumbs.

Now if these rats are so well fed that they don't remember to run from humans, that should give you an idea about how safe and hygienic the food we eat in these gardens are. Not only that, rats bite people. Please garden owners, try and improve on the hygienic conditions of your gardens. With all the money you make, you can try fumigating once in a while. It shouldn't be all about the money.

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