5 Tips on How to Win Major Clients and Land Deals as a #Vendor #Contractor #Businessman

1) According to Jill Konrath an awesome strategy is to Break big companies down into smaller entities:
Unless you’re selling enterprise solutions, you’ll find it much easier to get your initial contract if you pursue opportunities in a small subset of an organization.
What do I mean? Rather than being immobilized by the magnitude of selling to Dangote Group (for instance), you might pursue a relationship with Dangote Cement's Supply Chain division and offer solutions tailored to that department instead. This enables you to find out the names of potential decision makers, conduct due diligence without being overwhelmed and implement a customized getting-in campaign.
This is what I call extending a finger to a great finger, not a finger to a mighty hand.
To be continued...

 ~ By Kemdi Acholonu, Certified Business Manager & Contractor

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