#SHEforumAfrica2015: Risk the Unusual

What the WOMAN brings to the global development agenda is fortitude, a level of conscientiousness, and the commitment to see things through. If there was ever a time when the wisdom and resilience of women was needed to
address persisting development issues especially as they affect women in Africa, it is now!

Consequently, on Tuesday September 01, 2015, women from multiple generations will come together in Abuja, Nigeria for the 2nd SHE Forum Africa, a one of its kind convergence of women whose voices are disrupting traditional notions of gender, Feminism and everything between.


 To bring women together to identify persisting gender issues hindering the growth and stifling the productivity of women and girls in local communities.

To redefine & help articulate new and current gender priorities and map out contemporary strategies of addressing them.

To cultivate a strengthened network of emerging voices for the effective representation of Women and girls’ issues across decision-making platforms.

To inspire, mentor, and expose more women and girls to entrepreneurship as we migrate from the MDGs to the SDGs and their implications for livelihood sustainability.

This year’s theme “RISK THE UNUSUAL: MAKE IT HAPPEN” is set to trigger the awareness and understanding that every aspiring woman will have to adopt new and improved strategies of pursuing her personal development, no matter what each one’s peculiar need may be in this regards. Specifically, it is targeted at bringing to the fore (and possibly demystifying) those persisting stereotypes that keep women within the bottom of the ladder always.

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