Grab the Fashion Forward #BMB Nail Rings Today

The #BMB nail ring are rings that the modern woman who wants to be known for her individual style wears and wants to be told ''your rings are beautiful, where did you buy them?"
These nail rings were created by British-Nigerian fashion stylist Juliet Andrew-Orji. They are fabulous, easy to wear, and a must have in your accessory box. The #BMB nail ring isn't just the everyday ring we see in the market. It's unique, the designs are to die for and the best part, you don't need to rush to the salon to get your nails done because it covers your entire nail and gives it the edgy look.
It also comes in two of your favourite styles; The Deb which has a classic oval shape that covers the nail tip with rhinestones, set in gold-tones, and The Claw which is curved, pointy and covered with rhinestones set in a gold-tone band.

#BMB nail rings are sold individually or as a set of five. Just make your choice, and they are all yours.
To buy these rings simply contact Venussbay:
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We deliver free in Abuja. Please pay on delivery.