10 Things You Should Never Wear To Work

Here are ten fashion mistakes that you should never make in the office, culled from MSN

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Woman wearing strapless dress. Moment/Getty Images
1. Anything strapless.

Woman wearing shorts. Westend61/Getty Images
2. Cutoff shorts.

Woman wearing slippers. iStock/Getty Images
3. Flip flops.

Woman wearing mini skirt. eucyln/Getty Images
4. Super mini skirts or dresses.

Woman wearing Tank top. David Falk/Getty Images
5. Tank tops without a layer on top.

Woman wearing long sweater. Cultura/Getty Images
6. A top that is longer than your shorts.

Woman wearing halter top. Arthur Mola/Invision/AP
7. Halter tops and showing off side boobs.

Woman wearing a blue sheer dress. imageBROKER/REX
8. Anything sheer or transparent. Your bra shouldn't be visible through your shirt.

Woman wearing a pink open shirt. Martin Lee/REX
9. Exposed lingerie.

Woman wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. Oliver Gutfleisch/imageBROKER/REX
10. A crop top look that exposes your belly button.