"Don't glamourise these entertainers from Lagos" new era dawns in Abuja's entertainment industry

The entertainment industry in Abuja is getting a makeover. You will agree that in recent times, the spice that once characterised the nation's capital in terms of entertainment , has been on the decline. However, a new crop of young, vibrant Abuja residents are bent on rewriting history. One
such move was the organisation of the Abuja Entertainment Summit this June. Details as reported by Nigerian Pilot are as follows:

For many years, the entertainment industry in Abuja has come under attack for being docile. For those who think entertainment in the Federal Capital Territory is going down the drain, it is time
to have a rethink as there seems to be tiny light at the end of the tunnel.

While many artistes say Lagos remains the entertainment capital of Nigeria, others argue
that Abuja remains the centre of all the hustling and bustling in the country providing a veritable platform for entertainers to exploit and cut the chase after Lagos artistes. In this light, stakeholders in the entertainment industry in Abuja championed by renowned entertainment
outfit 41Naija Entertainment in partnership with other actors hosted the first major entertainment conference in Abuja tagged, “The Abuja Entertainment Seminar 2015” with the theme
“Building a Healthy Career in Entertainment.”

The event which had in attendance the who-is-who in the entertainment industry in Abuja acted as a turning point in the history of entertainment
in Abuja as big wigs in the industry such as Charly
Boy, Collins Adeyemi, Mr. Yankee, Jake Okechukwu and Gospelondebeatz took turns to create awareness and educate the artistes on how to create an entertainment brand and trade entertainment as a business.

The million-dollar question, which popped up during the seminar, was, “Is there hope for entertainment in Abuja?” For the President of 41naija Entertainment the conference was an avenue to chart a new course in the entertainment
scene in Abuja. “We are not here to blame one another. We are here to find a new direction for artistes and entertainment in Abuja,” he said.
Disunity has been the major issue plaguing the
entertainment industry in this part of country and
stakeholders have on countless occasions stress the need for entertainers to be united under
one umbrella.

In a chat with Nigerian Pilot, Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria, PMAN Governor, Mr. Collins Adeyemi said there is need for an entertainment structure in Abuja.While expending the role entertainers played in the political history of Nigeria he said the conference is timely. He maintained that the entertainment should be used as a tool for employment creation.

He however said that musicians in Abuja do not treat music as a business, adding that the musicians exhibit alot of indiscipline spiced with
greed and jealousy, “Abuja musicians must unite;
they must be open to criticisms. Artiste should be enlightenedon how to explore the Abuja
market sphere in terms entertainment. We still need to push Abuja based artiste. Let us
establish a fan base for them. Try to push Abuja entertainment forward.

Artistes come from Lagos and they hail them as
gods meanwhile the Abujaartistes are relegated to the background. Don’t glamourise these guys from Lagos. Abuja pulls you down when it comes
to entertainment. When you have been engaged for an event, try to be on time, set up
your instrument.”

He stated that, “the artistes must learn to project themselves in a better way. If you don’t have the confidence within yourself you will continue to line-up for Lagos musicians. Your talent can take you anywhere in this world but it is your discipline that will keep you. We want a situation where an Abuja basedentertainer will go to Lagos
and get the same treatment. The musicians in Lagos have understood that entertainment is a business.”

In order to rekindle the spirit of entertainment in
the city musicians in Abuja meeting under the umbrella of the Performing Musicians Employee Association of Nigeria, PMAN are planning
a grand concert to usher in the new administration tagged, the Wind of Change Concert. This concert will be coming shortly after the inauguration which is still in line.

In a chat with Nigerian Pilot, PMAN Governor, Abuja Chapter, Mr. Collins Adeyemi said the concert is going to be a forum where the new administration will answer several questions pertaining to the creative industry in Nigeria.

In addition, entertainment expert, Mr. Yankee said Abuja artistes will go far if they imbibe the culture of discipline. He said artistes need to discover themselves and work on their talent.

This conference marked the beginning of a new era of entertainment in Abuja.

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